Jan 1, 2011

3 Ways to Make Money Online – Enough for 2011

On the Internet there are many opportunities for people, since its initiation, the great opportunity is that one can make money with comforts from his home. Have you ever thought in a world where you have to do sleep, and play and still make money? This is what the most exciting matter Internet has created the opportunity.

Although there are several ways you can apply online, you should not fail to realize that there are still some scams online. This post will discuss 3 ways to money online legally you can make which is enough for 2011.

Blogging is the gold mine to make money online nowadays. Almost everyone is Blogging the reason behind that they found the full potential behind it. Blogging can also lead to many other sources of income, because it is the best way to make money online, for example, you can create influence on your product creation by blogging, you can get freelance opportunities by blogging, you can blog to sell others products and many other such things to make money.

You have to make your own community by blogging at first. Because this community can be used to monetize later.

When you try to make money from blogging, consider the traffic equal to money, because it is the traffic that will result in ad click, affiliate sales, and many other online money making opportunities.

Freelancing is one of the best way and most effective way to make money online. We all have a skill or another, we and these skills can also be used to help us increase the amount of money in our pockets while working in the comfort of our home.

The opportunities for freelancers are huge on the Internet. You can get opportunities by two ways. One, you can look for the companies who are seeking people to make their task or Second, you can join a third party program like Odesk.com, Elance.com or Freelancer.com to seek freelancing jobs. 

If you
want to be independent and do not think you have the skills you need to work together to develop, some skills you can learn like HTML or any coding, and you can learn how to write articles in different niches. There
are some places you can use when trying a distinctive freelance opportunities to get close at Elance.com ODesk.com

Sell Service
Can you do simple online task like commenting on blog, forum posting, signature link on forum? All this task is very easy as if you can’t do it yet, you will learn within a day if you try. Ok, all this service you can sell online. You can make good money every month from selling your service.
Now take a look what other things you can sell online:
1.      Youtube views
2.      Junk traffic
3.      PLR article
4.      Facebook Fans
Now the question comes up that where you will sell this service. There are many decent marketplaces where the buyers are waiting for buying service. You can sell service at DigitalPoint forum, Warrior Forum, V7N forum, Freelancer marketplace and much more.
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