Oct 18, 2012

Free! Free! Create a Free Blog Today

Blogging is now the most popular activity Internet. Having a blog can help to get new clients. You can also build your own community. You can also make money by blogging. Today I will share a free service where you can create blog for free. The site is http://rasho.org

What you will get with your free blog

1. *100mb disk space
2. Free subdomain name
3. Your own TLD domain name
4. 40+ premium themes
5. Spam protection
6. Google analytics 
7. SEO plugin
8. Email subscription widget

I have also created a free blog for my client to create backling for his website http://moneypro.rasho.org . You can also use this site to get some backlinks. However I hope you will not do spam.
* You can extend your disk space easily. Rasho.org is offering you to give extra 5mb disk space if you share their link to the social network. So what are you waiting for. Go to http://rasho.org and create a free blog today.            

1 comment:

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