Dec 21, 2010

The Very Best 6 Tips to Boost Your SEO

SEO is an important thing for your success to online business. There are two type of SEO. One is 1) On-page SEO 2) Off-page SEO. Here are the best 6 SEO tips to get higher position to search engine result page. 

Be Bold, Italic: Obviously you get the important keywords within your post. Bold them, Italic them to stand out to the both visitor and search engine’s crawlers. But don’t do the same everywhere in entire post.  
Social Bookmarking: Grab a tool for your visitors to share your content to the social media and social bookmarking site. It is great way to build your links. There are numerous social bookmarking tools on the market. 

Build Deep Link: Deep link is a link which will throw you to a specific hyperlink or image link rather than to the main or home page. For example: the url of this page is the deep link but the home page of this blog is not considered as a deep link.
Try to build deep link of your website/blog. If you do that, search engine will consider it as a natural link building. However, if you just build link only for your home page, search engine crawler will assume it as an automated/spammed link building.  

Article Exchange: Article exchange are like link exchanges but more useful. You publish your partners’ article to your site and link back to the partner’ site, your partner also does the same thing. You both get high quality backlink and also get a good branding.  

Avoid same anchor text: Using same anchor text in multiple places can down your search engine rankings. Google and other major search engine consider it as spamming. So don’t overdo the same anchor text.  
Use sometimes your main keyword, sometimes your company full name and sometimes your name as anchor text. 
Create Site map: Submitting a site map helps the crawler to crawl your site quickly. For a big site needs a site map, which should be linked to from every page on the site. A small site also needs site map. It calls the navigation bar.

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  1. Six Good tips this are best link building tips to create more back links as well as to reach top in SE's