Dec 10, 2010

How to make fast money with WebeServe offers freelancer to make money online. This is a site where you will get paid per service. Here you have to do various SEO job like article writing, forum posting, blog commenting, tweeting, Facebook job etc. Freelancers also can offer something to the Advertiser like logo design, website design and many other SEO job.   

WebeServe for Advertisers:
WebeServe is a very simple website where you can post a job. Freelancer will find you. For instance, you need content for your website. You post a job about article writing and give a short instruction on that according to you needs. When someone will see that and think he can do it. He will take your job to his container. He will finish the job and send the copy of article to you and the Freelancer will get paid after your approval.
WebeServe is a very cheap place to get your job done. You can build backlink with a very cheap rate. You can get Facebook fans, Twitter followers, logo designing and much more with cheap rate.
WebeServe for freelancers:
WebeServe is a open job place for Freelancer. The main advantage of like this marketplace is you do not have to bid to gain an opportunity. You are free to take any job which you are able to do. You can make a few bucks within a short time.
You can take any job to your container. You have to read the instruction first and complete the job according to instruction. When the advertiser approve your job then you will be get paid.
The minimum payout is $20 which you can make within a few days.
The most important thing is, if you are freelancer you can declare an offer to the advertiser.

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